AMSA 1003

Verification tool (Class 4) for domestic commercial vessel safety management systems


You can use this safety management system tool to assess the health of your safety management system on your Class 4 vessel.

The tool promotes continuous improvement of domestic commercial vessel safety management systems, aligns them with requirements of the National Law, and supports safe working practices.

Eligibility criteria 

The tool may be used by vessel owners, operators, masters and liaison officers to review a vessel’s safety management system and assist with ongoing safety improvements.

How to complete this form 

You can use this checklist to assess your safety management system and continually improve the safety of your vessel. Items covered include:

  • vessel and operating considerations
  • competence of crew
  • emergency preparedness and response
  • incident reporting
  • crewing requirements 
  • risk control measures and 
  • compliance of the safety management system.

Submitting the form 

This document is part of your safety management system. You will need to keep supporting documents onboard and ready to be presented to authorities if required.


Last Updated: 

17 April 2019