The purpose of this Guide is to provide an outline of the process of registration on the Australian International Shipping Register (AISR), including:

  • a synopsis of the requirements and conditions for the registration of a ship on the AISR
  • how a ship will be assessed for acceptance on the AISR
  • what is required to maintain registration of the AISR.

Note: This guide is advisory and is designed to provide a link between the different elements of the relevant legislation. Interested parties are advised that they need to consult the legislation when considering registration.

Generally, only Australian owned or operated ships are permitted to register under the AISR, and to do so ship owners must comply with the requirements to be met when applying for registration and conditions of the registration once granted. Ships that are unable to comply with these conditions must register on the Australian General Shipping Register.

Reference should be made to the Shipping Registration Act 2019, and the Shipping Registration Regulations 1981¹ which can be accessed from the Federal Register of Legislation at:

Additional information is available on the AMSA shipping registration website at:


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Source: Australian Maritime Safety Authority Guide to the registration of a ship on the Australian International Shipping Register – January 2021

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¹As amended by the Shipping Registration Amendment Act 2018.