2.1 The role of AMSA

AMSA is the ‘Authority’ (as defined in the SRA) with responsibility for the administration of the SRA. AMSA is supported in this role by the Registrar of Ships, a statutory appointee, who subject to AMSA’s control, is responsible for the maintenance of both the Australian General Shipping Register (the General Register) and the AISR.

AMSA provides guidance to the Registrar of Ships, who then makes registration decisions under the SRA. In developing such guidance, AMSA implements the policy of the Australian Government.

AMSA maintains separation of responsibility to ensure that any officer that has been involved in working with the Registrar of Ships in relation to the implementation of the above guidance is not involved in any review of decisions available under the SRA.

As well as managing the administration of the SRA, AMSA also carries responsibility for the setting and monitoring of the compliance of ships registered on the AISR with international standards and obligations. Accordingly, AMSA is responsible for carrying out the role of flag State Administration, including amongst other matters, the survey and certification of AISR ships and the determination of crew qualifications and manning requirements.

2.2 Office address

The Shipping Registration Office (SRO) and other sections of AMSA that manage the functions of the Flag Administration, including Survey and Certification and Crewing and Qualifications, are located in Canberra.

The postal and street address

Postal address

GPO Box 2181
Canberra City ACT 2601 Australia


82 Northbourne Avenue
Braddon ACT 2612 Australia

2.3 Contact details for registration

Australian Shipping Registration Office

Correspondence should be addressed to “Registrar of Ships”
Telephone: (02) 6279 5925 (International +61-2-6279 5925)
Email: sro@amsa.gov.au

2.4 Contact details for the flag administration

Survey and certification

Correspondence should be addressed to “Manager – Ship Inspection and Registration”
Email: fsc@amsa.gov.au

Crewing and qualifications

Correspondence should be addressed to: “Manager – Ship Operations and Qualifications”
Email: manning@amsa.gov.au

2.5 International register email addresses

The enquiry email address for the International Register that provides access to all groups detailed above is: aisr@amsa.gov.au