In Australia, the International Safety Management (ISM) Code is implemented primarily through the Navigation Act 2012. Implementation is supported by domestic legislation including Marine Order 58 (Safe Management of Vessels). 

A Regulated Australian Vessel (RAV) is defined in section 15 of the Navigation Act 2012.

In accordance with SOLAS Chapter IX, MO 58 applies to all Convention and RAV vessels regardless of the date of construction, as follows:

  1. all passenger ships, including passenger high-speed crafts
  2. all cargo ships, including cargo high-speed crafts, of 500 GRT or more
  3. mobile offshore drilling units propelled by mechanical means of 500 GRT or more
  4. any company owning, operating or managing such a ship or unit.

The ISM Code does not apply to government-operated ships or ships used for non-commercial purposes.

Note that all RAV’s <500 GRT require a declaration that an ISM system, meeting Part A, is implemented onboard as per MO 31. This is to be forwarded to before the initial voyage.