The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is the competent authority responsible for regulation of the ISM Code and its requirements in Australia. From the 1st July 2020 AMSA has delegated ISM authorisation, to conduct required audits and issue applicable certificates, to recognised organisations.

The purpose of this Guide is to:

  • assist companies1 in understanding how Australia is implementing the ISM Code, and
  • provide information on the mechanisms for the survey and certification of a vessel under the ISM Code.

Note: This Guide is advisory and designed to provide a distinction between the different elements of relevant legislation and the Code. This Guide should not be read in isolation and interested parties are advised to consult applicable legislation and the Convention when considering the application of the ISM Code.

Any questions relating to the ISM Code should be forwarded to

Additional advice may also be found in industry rules and guidelines such as:

Terms and definitions

The terms and definitions used in the Guide are from the ISM Code, the Navigation Act 2012, and Marine Order 58. Considerations should be given to relevant legislation and the Convention in conjunction with this Guide.


1. As per the ISM Code, Company means the Owner of the ship or any other organization or person such as the Manager, or the bareboat Charterer, who has assumed the responsibility for operation of the ship from the Shipowner and who on assuming such responsibility has agreed to take over all the duties and responsibility imposed by the Code.