List of commercial vessels with a vessel permission

Download a list of DCVs that hold a certificate of survey or exemption here.

You can download a list of domestic commercial vessels that currently hold a Certificate of Survey, non-survey vessel approval or a Class C restricted operations approval.

You can search or filter the list by:

  • the vessel name
  • the displayed identifier, or
  • the AMSA-issued unique vessel identifier (UVI). 

The UVI will give you the most accurate result (these numbers were issued by AMSA after 1 July 2018). Identifiers that were issed before 1 July 2018 by a state of Northern Territory marine safety agency may not return accurate results. 

A vessel might not appear in the list if its permission was issued by a state or territory marine safety agency before 1 July 2018, and is:

  • a non-survey (exemption 02) vessel, or
  • a vessel under Restricted C operations (exemption 40) approvals.

You can contact us if your vessel isn't in the list. 

The list does not provide information about a vessel's Certificate of Operation. 

Download the complete list of DCVs with vessel permission XLSX550.84 KB as an Excel file.

This list is only valid at the time the file was last updated.

If you require more information about a vessel that you own, please contact us. If you are the owner, please make a Freedom of Information request to AMSA. 

Last updated: 5 March 2024