NP-GUI-001A: Use of National Plan equipment by states and the Northern Territory

How to hire National Plan equipment and conditions of use.

We provide National Plan equipment to jurisdictions for training and exercises. 

To request equipment for an incident call 1800 641 792.

Conditions of use

It is the responsibility of the State/NT to ensure that only qualified, trained and licensed personnel using appropriate methods and standards of operation use the equipment.

You can get copies of equipment Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) from:

Requests for use

Request access to National Plan equipment by completing the attached form (see bottom of this page) and returning it to

You must submit your request at least 4 weeks before your planned exercise. We will confirm arrangements for use of equipment when we receive your request.

Responsibilities for borrowers/contractors

You must ensure that equipment is in working order before use. We use a tagging system for for serviceability:

  • Green equates to serviceable
  • Red equates to unserviceable

Contractor personnel transporting the equipment must ensure all appropriate licences and qualifications are current.

Contractors must also store the equipment safely and securely from the time it leaves the stockpile to the time it is returned.

Safety measures

To meet safety obligations you must:

  • complete a ‘Job Safety Analysis’ before using any equipment
  • maintain a safe workplace 
  • operate equipment consistent with SOPs.

Returning equipment

Damaged goods

All equipment must be returned as it was found (clean, dry and in working order).

Notify us immediately, if any of the following occur:

  • equipment damage
  • breakages
  • possible safety issues
  • any WH&S incident because of equipment or associated operations.

If you don't return equipment in a satisfactory condition, you may be charged the cost of restoring it to an acceptable standard.

Note: National Plan equipment is provided at no charge to jurisdictions when used for the purpose of training and exercise.



National Plan Strategic Coordination Committee
Last updated: 18 March 2024