Why report an incident

Why is reporting important checklist

Near miss

An event that could have resulted in a consequential outcome (such as injury, death, collision etc.), also known as a near miss, is reportable under existing legislation.

Often owner/operators will advise that they have managed to control the situation without any issues and therefore did not report. However it is still likely that under other circumstances the situation could have resulted in a regrettable outcome.

Additionally by reporting, this ensures information from these events are captured so we are aware of what to look out for in similar incidents in the future.

Marine engineer
Did you know?

Near-misses are more frequent than events causing negative consequential outcomes? They provide valuable information about potential risks which we might be unaware of and help determine what needs to be addressed.

Marine Safety Concern
Anyone can report a marine safety concern to us.

This includes any event that endangers, or if not corrected could endanger, the safety of vessels or persons.