Port State control (PSC) deficiencies 

In 2020, AMSA recorded 24 detentions attributed to defects relating to maintenance of the vessel and equipment. Six vessels were detained for not maintaining the vessel after survey. On average AMSA recorded 14 maintenance related deficiencies per detention in 2020.  

As a result, a focused inspection campaign (FIC) was conducted between January and February 2022. During the inspection period a total of 271 inspections were recorded. 41% of vessels were detained highlighting a continued problem of inappropriate or ineffective maintenance.  

Safety bulletin chart
Figure 1: Top 5 reported technical incidents between 2019 and 2021 


This is also evident in marine incident data reported between 2019-2021 (Figure 1), which show that the top 5 reported technical incidents were related to: 

  • Power Propulsion and Steering   
  • Navigation monitoring equipment 
  • Engineering systems   
  • Ships Systems  
  • Comms equipment