The National Compliance Plan gives regulated maritime industries and our compliance partners insight into the compliance areas we will focus our efforts on during 2022-23. Outlining our priorities in advance will allow industry the opportunity to review their operations to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

Our commitment is for a consistent, intelligence-led, and risk-based approach that underpins our compliance activities and allows for better collaboration with maritime communities. Our compliance program will be informed by safety data and trends to encourage voluntary compliance and continuous improvement, leading to greater confidence in safety outcomes.

We will be open, transparent, and accountable for our actions. We will report on our regulatory performance and where we have adjusted our focus, we will explain our reasons in the National Compliance Plan.

Detailed compliance performance reporting can be found in the following annual reports.

  • Port State Control annual reports
  • Maritime Labour Convention annual report
  • Domestic commercial vessel annual incident report
  • Regulated Australian and foreign flag vessels - annual incident report

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is the national Commonwealth Government agency responsible for maritime safety, protection of the marine environment, and search and rescue.

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