Domestic engagement drives AMSA policy

Tuesday 28 March 2023
AMSA has been actively engaging with industry and government through our domestic committee program this year.
Tasmanian RSC

These discussions include decarbonisation and emerging technologies, seafarer certification demographics, and a statutory framework concept to enhance consistency in applying AMSA's enforcement powers relating to certificates of competency. 

The Shipping Consultative Forum (SCF), National Safety Committee (NSC), and Regional Safety Committees (RSC) are a crucial aspect of AMSA's domestic engagement strategy, providing an opportunity for industry stakeholders to share their challenges and expertise. Recently, AMSA held RSC meetings in eight locations across Australia, followed by the SCF in Canberra. 

Manager International and Domestic Engagement Elisa Boughton said AMSA's committee meetings are an essential part of our approach to domestic engagement.  

'We hold meetings with our domestic stakeholders multiple times each year. They are an opportunity to meet with our industry stakeholders, seeking expertise and input about issues affecting them,' she said. 'The information gathered from these meetings can help inform AMSA policy decisions.' 

'There was excellent discussion around the room about seafarer certification at the recent Shipping Consultative Forum, and particularly how understanding trends in seafarer demographics can help industry improve qualification pathways for seafarers,' she said.  

'This means we have the opportunity to shape better safety outcomes for Australian seafarers and domestic commercial vessel operators.' 

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