Fees for international certificates

A summary of fees you may have to pay to obtain your certificates.

You will be charged for each certificate related application you submit to AMSA.

The fees you pay go towards recovering the cost of providing each of the services in question.

Our charges are supported by the Cost recovery impact statement (CRIS) certified in September 2015.

The charges are authorised by our Determination fixing charges of 2015 issued under Section 47(1) of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Act 1990.

Unless otherwise stated, the charges for the above services are exempt from the goods and services tax (GST).


All fees listed below are in Australian dollars.

Examinations and assessmentsA$
Assessment of sea service for persons applying for a Certificate of competency or recognition of a Certificate of competency as a master, deck officer or engineer officer*$168
Assessment of marine qualifications for immigration purposes*$472

Oral examination for:

  • certificate of competency
  • certificate of recognition
  • certificate of competency – STCW 78 (as amended)
Oral cancellation fee$136
*Note: If the assessment has been completed, a refund will not be provided.
Fee for issue of certificate of competency, certificate of proficiency or certificate of recognition or certificate of equivalenceA$
All deck officers and masters190.00
All engineering officers190.00
Navigational watch rating/Engine room watch rating190.00
Able seafarer deck/Able seafarer engine190.00
Integrated rating190.00
Chief integrated rating190.00
Marine cook112.00
Radio operator certificate GMDSS112.00
Fee for issue of Certificate of Safety Training A$
Certificate of Safety Training112.00
Fee for revalidation/replacement of certificateA$
All deck officers and masters136.00
All engineering officers136.00
Navigational watch rating/engine room watch rating136.00
Able seafarer deck/Able seafarer engine136.00
Integrated rating136.00
Chief integrated rating136.00
Marine cook112.00
Certificate of Safety Training112.00
All certificates of recognition (except GMDSS)136.00
Certificate of recognition GMDSS112.00
Fee for initial issue and revalidation of endorsementsA$
All endorsements112.00
Other chargesA$
Courier delivery to overseas address80.00
Issue of Australian seafarers service book112.00

Where and how to pay these charges if you are in Australia

  • You must pay the fees for Seafarer form 419 at Australia Post when you lodge your application. Australia Post will issue a receipt for every charge paid and record the receipt number on your application form. Find participating Australia Post retail outlets.
  • For oral examinations, you must pay before we confirm your appointment. We will tell you how to pay in your sea service assessment letter.

How to pay these charges if you are overseas

You must email your application form to us at SCSApplication@amsa.gov.au. We will tell you how to pay once we have received your application.

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Last updated: 28 June 2021