Requirements for carrying an automatic identification system

Requirements for carrying an automatic identification system (AIS) are specified in marine orders.

Specific information on AIS carriage requirements are available in Marine Order 27. Its application includes:

  • regulated Australian vessels
  • foreign vessels in an Australian port
  • entering or leaving an Australian port
  • in the internal waters of Australia
  • in the territorial sea of Australia other than in the course of innocent passage.

Marine Order 63 highlights the obligations within Australian waters (which are defined in the order) for the Modernised Australian ship tracking and reporting system (MASTREP).

Additional information for domestic commercial vessels is available in the National Standards for Commercial Vessels.

Fishing vessels

Fishing vessels may be required to carry AIS, but any vessel may switch off its AIS if the master believes continual operation may compromise the safety or security of the vessel.

Vessel monitoring systems (VMS) use a different technology to AIS. Information on VMS is available from Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

Last updated: 15 March 2021