Carriage of ammonium nitrate of class 5.1 and class 9 to and from Australia

Reminding all ship owners, ship operators and masters of the requirements for the safe carriage of ammonium nitrate on board ships with a particular emphasis on the carriage in Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC).
AMSA 279
8 April 2015

This information sheet is for advice only and shippers and masters must consult the IMDG Code whenever shipping or carrying Ammonium Nitrate or any other class of dangerous good. IMDG Code references are to the 2014 edition of the Code that includes the 37-14 amendments. All persons involved in the transport of packaged dangerous goods intended to be transported by sea require mandatory training in accordance with 1.3 of the IMDG Code and Marine Order 41 (MO41). This information sheet is therefore not intended to be a guide in how to ship ammonium nitrate.


Last updated: 9 July 2020