Tasmania—changes to domestic commercial vessel services

Most services for operators and crew of domestic commercial vessels are now provided by us instead of Marine and Safety Tasmania.

To help you understand how these changes affect you, we’ve outlined them below.

Certificates of competency

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST)AMSA—from 1 July 2018
  • Application are submitted at MAST shopfronts.
  • Applications for sea time assessment can be done as part of the application for a CoC or as a stand-alone application.
  • Applications can be sent at the start of the seafarers training course and completed by the end of the course.
  • Reminder are sent by MAST three months before the certificate expires.
  • Applications and proof of identity checks will be completed through participating Australia Post outlets.
  • Fees for the high complexity final assessment will be paid directly to AMSA when the booking the final assessment.
  • AMSA will issue reminder notices for certificate renewals.

Certificates of operation

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST)AMSA—from 1 July 2018
  • Applications are lodged at the MAST Hobart office.
  • MAST will not be issuing any further reminder notices for 2018.
  • All applications will be made through AMSA. Only completed applications will be accepted.
  • When the certificate expires you will be able to apply for a renewal rather than a new certificate.
  • A reminder will be issued 90 days before expiry of the existing certificate.

Certificates of survey

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST)AMSA—from 1 July 2018

Initial survey

  • Applications are submitted to MAST before construction starts so that MAST can issue the unique vessel identifier.

Initial survey

  • Vessel surveys will continue to be provided by private accredited marine surveyors.
  • Owners must supply the application to build to AMSA—this will cover the unique vessel identification.
  • Application fees for the certificate of survey are a separate charge which will be paid directly to AMSA at the time of application.

Periodic survey and renewals

  • MAST sends reminders three months in advance of the expiry for the certificate.
  • Certificates of survey are valid for five years but are reissued annually together with a summary of periodic survey status.

Periodic survey and renewals

  • Reminder letters for periodic surveys will be sent 90 days before the survey is due.
  • Vessel owners will be responsible for ensuring the private accredited surveyor has all required documents and records for the assessment.
  • Certificates of survey will be valid for five years (unless advised otherwise).

Non-survey vessels

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST)AMSA—from 1 July 2018
  • Applications are made through MAST.
  • Detailed photos are required to be submitted as part of the supporting documents.
  • Completed applications will be submitted to AMSA.
  • Payment of fees can be made at the time of application via the online payment portal on AMSA's website, over the phone via AMSA Connect or in person at a participating Australia Post outlet.
  • On approval AMSA will issue the scheme non-survey vessel permit.

Exemptions and equivalent means of compliance

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST)AMSA—from 1 July 2018
  • Applications for general exemptions are made through MAST.
  • If the applicant requires a specific exemption or equivalent means of compliance (EMOC) they must submit their application form directly to AMSA.
  • All applications will be submitted to AMSA
  • Payment of fees can be made at the time of application via the online payment portal on AMSA's website, over the phone via AMSA Connect or in person at Australia Post
  • In some cases, exemptions have been extended until 2020. Read the list of exemptions.

Marine and Safety Tasmania will continue to be responsible for:

  • waterways management
  • application of the collision regulations within state waters
  • ports and pilotage
  • recreational vessel registration and licencing
  • safe operation of all vessels in Tasmanian waters.

MAST will also continue to be involved in incident investigations.

Requesting records lodged in Tasmania

From 1 July 2018, the national system changes the way records related to domestic commercial vessels submitted to Marine and Safety Tasmania (MaST) are accessed. AMSA and MaST have agreed to the following process to assist with requests for records:

How to request records in Tasmania
How do I request records submitted to MaST?Public requests for records should go directly to AMSA via the Freedom of Information process or Information release authorisation form 664.


Last updated: 15 March 2021