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Shipping registration fees

Find out about the shipping registration fees for ship registration.

Application fees are payable when you lodge an application for any of the transactions listed in the table below. These fees are non-refundable.
Shipping registration fees are set out in the AMSA Fees Determination 2015.

How to pay fees

You can pay by credit card, direct deposit or cheque.

Credit card: Ship registration credit card payment authorisation form 114 

Direct deposit: Australian shipping registration office direct deposit information 

Cheque: Please make cheques payable to 'Australian Maritime Safety Authority' and post to us with your application.

Shipping registration fees

ItemServiceFee A$
1Application for registration or re-registration for: 
 (a) ship required to be registered$2664
 (b) ship permitted to be registered$1554
 (c) ship on demise charter$3996
2Application for provisional registration certificate$333
3Extension of period of currency of provisional certificate$222
4Application for continuous synopsis record$555
5Amendment of the continuous synopsis record$390
6Re-issue of a continuous synopsis record$170
7Application for registration of transfer or transmission of ownership in relation to: 
 (a) ship required to be registered$777
 (b) ship permitted to be registered$444
 (c) ship on demise charter$1332
8Application for grant of temporary pass$333
9Application for change of name of registered ship$111
10Application for change of home port of registered ship$111
11Application for new registration certificate$222
12Supply of deletion certificate$111
13Application for certificate of entitlement to fly Australian national flag or Red ensign$222
14Lodging a caveat$222
15Request for extension of time for lodging documents$167
16Application for exemption from requirement to be registered$666
17Inspection of register in relation to a registered ship—for each period of 15 minutes$55.50
18Supply of certified title extract$75
19Supply of certified copy of register entry$40
20Supply of certified copy of documents from the register, for each page$21
21Courier fees within Australia$40
Last updated: 7 August 2023