VHF data exchange system

We are currently working on a pilot project to demonstrate VDES technology in our region. It will trial maritime services relevant to operations in an Australian context. 

The project is part of Sternula's "Worldwide AIS 2.0 Demo". It involves maritime authorities working on parallel projects during 2023 and 2024. 

The pilot will also trial transmission of selected S-100 data sets. As a signatory to the Asia-Pacific Digital@ Sea Test bed Cluster MOU, we will:

  • collaborate with regional partners
  • share results
  • ensure Australia is best placed to take advantage of new technology.

Sternula is building a satellite-based infrastructure for global maritime data exchange. This infrastructure uses the new VDES technology. 

What is VDES?

VDES is a satellite and terrestrial network for global data exchange with ships. It is expected to become a carriage requirement/alternative under the IMO SOLAS Convention.

The pilot

In the trial project, we will demonstrate selected services in an area within the Australia EEZ zone.

VDES will provide a digital communications platform for test and trial of S-100 data sets. Australian agencies including the AHO, BOM and AMSA are currently developing data sets.  

AMSA is also exploring alternative ways of providing digital data sets through our services. We will use the final outcomes of the VDES trials to decide if the VDES is suitable for our use-cases.

Map of Australia showing the proposed area for the VDES-SAT demo. The area covers the entire coast of Queensland, extending out to an area within Australia's exclusive economic zone.

Example demo area with VDE-SAT coverage. Source: Sternula