We are seeking feedback on proposed updates to the Surveyor Accreditation Guidance Manual Part 2

Consultation closed on 2 April 2024

We want to know what you think about proposed updates to the Surveyor Accreditation Guidance Manual Part 2.

Who these changes affect
  • Accredited Marine Surveyors
  • Recognised organisations
  • Domestic commercial vessel owners and operators.

Your input is crucial to ensure the proposed revisions effectively meet the intended objectives and are practical for implementation.

Key dates

1 February 2024

Consultation opens

2 April 2024

Consultation closed

1 July 2024 

Proposed commencement of revised SAGM 2

About the Surveyor Accreditation Guidance Manual 

The Surveyor Accreditation Guidance Manual Part 2 (SAGM 2) sets clear standards and criteria for Accredited Marine Surveyors and Recognised Organisations (class societies), outlining the procedures for surveying domestic commercial vessels to ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards. 

SAGM 2 came into force on 1 July 2018 and has been the prescribed survey standard for more than 5 years.  

Since the introduction of the manual, we have gathered valuable learnings and feedback, which we have now applied to enhance its clarity and effectiveness through these proposed revisions.  

Key proposed revisions 

Class 2 vessels used only for leisure purposes, will be allowed to use the same CE certification as Class 4 vessels for structural approval 

Owners of medium-frequency vessels will be provided the flexibility to complete a year 3 survey either in water or out of water, and owners of high-frequency vessels will have flexibility to swap their year 2 and 3 surveys 

Alignment of construction documentation requirements for restricted C vessels with risk levels, reducing the necessary documentation 

Clarification that Accredited Marine Surveyors may use their own reporting forms, provided these have the required level of detail  

Inclusion of reporting obligations for repair and damage surveys 

Survey tables expanded to remove ambiguity and improve consistency and reliability in the survey processes.  

View the proposed changes in more detail. 

Have your say 

Please ensure you provide your feedback by midnight on Tuesday 2 April 2024.