International Day for Women in Maritime

We are proud to celebrate International Day for Women in Maritime on 18 May each year. This day shines a spotlight on women’s contributions to the maritime industry and advocates for their participation across the sector.  

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2024: Women Shaping the Future of Maritime Safety

The theme this year was 'Safe Horizons: Women Shaping the Future of Maritime Safety'. It recognised the important role women play in improving safety as seafarers, maritime professionals, and leaders.

The maritime sector presents diverse and often hazardous work environments. Personal safety is an ongoing priority across all facets of the industry.  We need to address physical and safety risks in high-risk roles. But we also need to address safety barriers because they hinder women’s participation.    

Despite the gender gap, our industry has highly forward-thinking and innovative female leaders. These women are driving safety innovation.  

International Day for Women in Maritime serves as a platform to celebrate these achievements. It also inspires greater female involvement in shaping a safer maritime environment for all.  

Together, let's foster safe and inclusive workplaces to pave the way for increased diversity and excellence in our industry. 

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Interviews: What this day means

AMSA stakeholders and maritime students talk about what IDWiM means to them the importance of gender equality.

Women in Maritime Programme
Mariana Noceti

Mariana Noceti, Principal Programme Assistant, Women in Maritime Programme, Sub-Division for Programme Management and Coordination, Technical Cooperation Division, International Maritime Organization (IMO) shares with AMSA the importance of gender equality.

"teams that have men and women have greater innovation"

Maritime Training Adviser
Ore Toua

Maritime Training Adviser - Women In Maritime Focal Point at The Pacific Community (SPC), Ore Toua spoke to AMSA about what International Day for Women in Maritime means to her and diversity in the maritime sector.

"I have the platform here to make a concerted influence"
PacWIMA chairperson
Dinah Inape-Omenefa

Dinah Inape-Omenefa is a PacWIMA chairperson and spoke to AMSA recently about how the IMO International Day of Women in Maritime highlights the contribution of women to the whole maritime economy and trade.

"[this day] means more visibility of women"

Principal Strategic Lead - Pacific Women
Mereseni Rakuita

Mereseni Rakuita, The Pacific Community’s (SPC) Principal Strategic Lead–Pacific Women spoke with AMSA at the PacWIMA conference about what International Women in Maritime Day means to her. Merseni provides strategic oversight on SPC’s gender program and is an advocate for the empowerment of women and girls.

"[this day] has elevated the advocacy work around women leading within the sector"
WISTA President
Monika Lemajic

Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) president Monika Lemajic spoke to AMSA recently at the PacWIMA Conference about what IDWiM means to her and gender equality.

"we don't just have a seat at the table, we have a voice, and that's super important for us to get to gender equality"

Maritime and ocean engineering, Global logistics and maritime management
Maritime students

Hear from Maritime students, Tenisha Jones, Danielle Flower, Samantha Hoestra, Cameron Skeggs and Lucy Barr.

"a day when we can celebrate women in the industry"

How the day started  

International Day for Women in Maritime was first pitched to the IMO in 2019 by the Pacific Women in Maritime Association (PacWIMA). It received the unanimous support of member states.  

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) officially launched the first International Day for Women in Maritime on 18 May 2022. This day is now marked annually on the IMO calendar and is celebrated globally across industry, gaining momentum each year.