Communication with stakeholders is an essential part of developing the CRIS, with adherence to AMSA’s Statement of Regulatory Approach. 

This updated CRIS is a non-material revision of the 2021-22 Budget CRIS published in July 2021. It consists of 2020-21 audited year-end results, as well as the budget and three forward estimates aligning with the 2021-22 Portfolio Budget Statements. As AMSA engaged with external stakeholders as recently as May and June 2021, and there are no material changes to regulatory charging, no active engagement has been undertaken for this updated CRIS.  

In May 2021, AMSA published a consultative CRIS on its website and invited specific industry groups and participants to comment on its cost recovery arrangements – other groups, owners and operators, and the general public were also able to respond. The consultation was over a three-week period, commencing on 12 May 2021 and closing on 6 June 2021. 

Industry groups invited to provide feedback included: 

  • National Safety Committee 
  • Shipping Consultative Forum 

Three responses were received, with a key item raised during this consultation period being our levy rates within the various net registered tonnage bands, associated skill involved for different size vessels, and our effort in regulatory requirements 

Following consultation, AMSA responded appropriately to each response received. 

A report detailing all feedback received from stakeholders on CRIS consultations over the previous couple of financial years, including our responses, is published on our website here. This feedback will inform AMSA of potential funding options that may be eventually considered by Government.