Exemption 33—Marine Safety (Sailing vessels with motor propulsion)

This exemption is relevant for people who work on or who want to work on a domestic commercial sailing vessel without the required certificate of competency.

You do not need to apply to us for this exemption.

If we request evidence of completion of a course or unit of study you must provide it to us within 14 days.  

What this exemption will allow you to do

Exemption 33 allows you to perform the duties of engineer on a sailing vessel with less than 75 kilowatts secondary motor propulsion power without an engineer certificate of competency. 

To use this exemption you have two options:

Option 1: Hold one of the following near coastal certificates of competency:

  • Coxswain grade 1
  • Coxswain grade 2

Option 2: Complete one of the following training courses:

  1. Entry level motor engineering unit of the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council Ltd Maritime Training Package for vessels with unlimited outboard propulsion power less than 100 kilowatts at an approved training organisation. For example:
    • MARC037—Operate inboard and outboard motors
    • MARC039—Operate marine internal combustion engines, and propulsion and auxiliary systems
  2. YA-RYA Diesel Engine and YA Powerboat Handling
  3. YA-RYA Diesel Engine and RYA Level 2 Powerboat.

Legislation and incorporated material

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Last Updated: 

22 January 2020