New Certificate

New Certificate

What do I need to do?

To obtain this certificate you will need to:

Meet medical and eyesight requirements

Download the: 

1. Certificate of medical fitness for domestic seafarers

The Certificate of medical fitness for domestic seafarers form 1850 lets us know that you are medically fit for working at sea. 

If you are colour blind, you will be restricted to working in daylight hours only. 

2. Standards for the medical assessment of domestic seafarers 

Provide a medical practitioner with the Standards for the medical assessment of domestic seafarers and have them complete the Certificate of medical fitness for domestic seafarers form 1850

If you have a current AMSA medical (Certificate of medical fitness form 303) you can use this instead.
You must submit your completed medical form with your application.

Provide evidence of sea service

You need to show you have experience working on commercial vessels at least 12 metres long, while holding a Master less than 24 metres near coastal, Mate less than 80 metres near coastal, or a certificate AMSA considers equivalent.

You can reduce the amount of sea service you need by completing an AMSA task book.

With a completed AMSA task book you will need: 

  • 180 days
  • including 120 days in charge of a navigational watch

Without an AMSA task book you will need: 

  • 360 days
  • including 240 days in charge of a navigational watch

If you have completed a task book, you must attach a copy of the seafarer details page to your application.

You must submit a copy of your existing certificate with your application.

You need to submit at least one of the following as proof of qualifying sea service:

  • Record of sea service form 771
  • the on board sea service record from your task book
  • a letter from the vessel operator, owner, master or chief engineer detailing your sea service.
  • an approved sea service log book

Read more about qualifying sea service.

If you want a task book

You can get a Master <45m task book from us or from some registered training organisations. To order a task book directly from us, use the AMSA chargeable publications order form.

Transitional arrangement: If you have a Master <35m task book, with a version number 2.0 January 2017 or later, you can use this to apply for your Master less than 45 metre certificate.

Read more about task books.

Complete a training course

The training for a Master less than 45 metres is the Certificate IV in Maritime Operations (Master less than 35m).

Complete this course at a registered training organisation.

You will need to submit your course completion certificate with your Certificate of competency application.

Meet additional requirements

You must also hold a:

  • valid HLTAID011 Provide first aid certificate, or equivalent
  • Long range operator certificate of proficiency issued by ACMA, or equivalent.

If you do not hold these certificates, contact your registered training organisation.

Complete and submit a certificate of competency application

To apply, complete and submit the Certificate of competency application form 426
Read more about completing and submitting your application for a domestic certificate

Pass a final assessment

You need to pass a final assessment before getting your certificate of competency. Once we have assessed your application you will be invited to contact AMSA Connect to book your final assessment. We will take payment of the examination fee and confirm your booking.

Refer to the syllabus document PDF532.13 KB and the examiner checklist to find out what may be included in your final assessment.

When you pass the final assessment you will be given an interim certificate of competency so that you can start working immediately.

If you do not pass the final assessment, you will be able to try again. Your assessor will advise you when you can book your resit. You will have to pay the fee each time you sit for the final assessment.