3.1 Cooperation

AMSA engages with a range of stakeholders across the domestic and international maritime industry to achieve its purpose. 

We are committed to collaborating and engaging with stakeholders as it improves our decision making, demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accountability, builds trust, and contributes to better safety and environment outcomes through improved compliance.

We achieve this through timely, coordinated, targeted, and relevant engagement, with the aim to inform, educateconsult, and collaborate with our regulated community and key stakeholders.

Our stakeholder groups are presented below, and within each group we engage and interact with many diverse audiences.

Figure 4: AMSA’s stakeholder groups Figure 4: AMSA’s stakeholder groups

We collaborate with stakeholders and agree ways of working together through memoranda of understanding, intergovernmental agreements, and interagency agreements. AMSA’s most significant relationships can be grouped into four broad categories:

  • Industry committees – we work with our domestic stakeholders on a variety of issues, including seeking and receiving feedback, communicating regulatory and compliance issues, raising awareness, and educating, shaping outcomes, delivering services, and coordinating responses, or other activities. 
  • International engagement – we work with international organisations, including the International Maritime Organization to:
    • shape global standards that meet our maritime interests. We cooperate with maritime administrations across our region to enforce these standards and improve the safety of ships operating in the Indo-Pacific
    • undertake bilateral engagement to share information, knowledge and technology and 
    • work with key partners to help build their capacity and resilience in maritime safety, pollution response, governance and search and rescue to improve outcomes across our region. 
  • Intergovernmental committees – we work with our state and territory counterparts to ensure our regulatory, compliance and response activities are aligned and where possible, reduce the burden on our regulated community.
  • Commonwealth collaboration – we work with other Commonwealth entities to ensure policy development and implementation considers whole of government direction and ensures legislative alignment.

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