The deployment of the NRT will be conducted consistent with NP-GUI-005 Deployment of the National Response Team.

NRT Members will be required to be made available for deployment within 24hrs of activation, to be at worksite (IMT or field) within 48hrs of activation.

Team Members deploying with the NRT should maintain appropriate standards of a workplace, including adherence to relevant alcohol, drug and fatigue levels in line with the National Plan WHS guidance.

Fitness for duty

The capacity of personnel to perform their job safely and competently can be impaired by both physical and psychological factors, including fatigue, grief, mental illness as well as the use of alcohol and illegal drugs. National Response Team members must comply with the respective control agency’s fitness for duty requirements.

Deployment period

The standard deployment period for domestic deployments will be for 10 days (including travel time). Extraordinary extensions to this deployment period will be considered on a case-by-case basis subject to appropriate fatigue management processes.

International deployment

The Australian Government has entered into a number of international agreements, such as PACPLAN, and memoranda of understanding with Indonesia, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand to provide assistance in the event of a major oil spill. The National Response Team forms part of the capability with which Australia meets its obligations under these agreements. Arrangements for international deployments are detailed in the International Deployment Policy.