Operation Recovery—YM Efficiency photo gallery

Get a close-up look at the progress of the recovery operation with our regular updates of images from sites around the Newcastle-Port Stephens Coast.

Recovery at sea

Basket sitting on the wharf

The recovery vessel MV Pride

Basket with container

Waste in basket off shore

ROV on the seabed

Robotics used to clear a vehicle bonnet.

Open container

Bonnet recovery

Plastic picked up and put into the basket

ROV dropping debris into basket

Sea bed littered with debris

Back deck

Basket on back deck

Five-point grab

ROV pilot screen in the hanger

ROV setup in the hanger

ROV in the hanger


Recovered container full of steel beams

Steel beams on deck

Crushed container delivered to shore

Crushed container on deck


Waste disposal




Packets of chips


Container lifted in the waste yard 

Thirteen containers in the waste yard

Bathroom pod in the waste yard

Battery cleanup


Cardboard contents

Container being lifted

Mangled household goods

Mangled office chairs


Pulling a ute from a container

Opening a container full of tyres

Silverado in a container

Lifting a reefer

Lifting a ute

Bathroom pod

Container full of tyres


Smashed container

Bathroom pods

Container house

Container house


Bobcat cleaning out container


Household furniture

Tyres fill a container

Plastics to be sorted and processed

Plastic jars

Assorted rubbish

Buckled and bursting containers

Container half emptied

Cleaned container

Milk jug



Last updated: 

Tuesday 26 May 2020