Operational updates—YM Efficiency

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tyres underwater

Update—8 April 2020: two more containers recovered and two missing containers located. 

During pre-lift surveillance of one of the container sites, an additional two containers were identified for recovery that were previously unaccounted for.  This site was previously believed to contain two containers joined together but with the better cameras aboard the MV Pride’s ROUV, it was discovered there are actually four containers at this site. 

The finding means the number of shipping containers being salvaged as part of Operation Recovery – YM Efficiency, now total 62 and there are only 14 containers yet to be located. 

Two more containers have been recovered since the last update and are now stowed on the deck of MV Pride intact. These containers are believed to contain tyres and paper products.

Vessel movement caused some delays to sea lifts overnight and improvements to handling arrangements are underway to improve the speed and safety of handling the recovery basket.

To date, three containers have been retrieved since Monday 6 April and there are 59 containers still to be recovered. 

Check out our video footage of the remote underwater vessel connecting rigging to the steel recovery basket and lifting a container onto the MV Pride.


basket with container
Basket with container being loaded onto the ship



basket with container
Basket with container

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Wednesday 8 April 2020