The information provided below is an indicative list of the documents mentioned in this Guide.

  1. Application for registration
  2. Declaration of ownership and nationality
  3. Notice of appointment of registered agent
  4. Document describing the ship
    • Builder’s certificate
    • Statutory declaration for builder's certificate
  5. Evidence of ownership
    • Bill of sale
    • Probate
    • Letters of administration
    • Court order
    • Foreign certificate of title
    • Statutory declarations in lieu of bills of sale
    • Statutory declaration by applicant
    • Notice of intention to register a ship
  6. Demise charter party
  7. Tonnage certificate
  8. Marking note
  9. Fee
  10. Other
    • Evidence of closure of foreign registration
    • Declaration by charterer
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • Power of attorney
    • Written authority to sign