Forms for international seafarers

Find forms you might need to make sure you hold the right qualifications.

When you apply for a qualification in Australia, there will be forms you need to complete to support your application. If you know which form you need, find it here. If you have a question, contact us.

Seafarer form 419

Seafarer form 419 allows you to apply for one or more of these qualifications:

  • Sea service assessment – Deck and Engineer officers including recognition (not applicable for rating).
  • Certificate and/or endorsement (Certificate of competency deck and engineer officers require positive AMSA sea service assessment).
  • Replacement of a certificate or endorsement (only to be used if your existing certificate is lost/stolen/damaged or you have had a change of personal details).
  • Recognition of certificate, initial issue and revalidation of recognition (prerequisite for initial issue: positive AMSA sea service assessment).
  • Revalidation of a certificate or endorsement.
  • Australian seafarer’s service book.
  • Assessment only for Royal Australian Navy navigation seaman officers and Royal Australian Navy engineering.

Other international certification forms

Last updated: 28 June 2021