Exemption 7—Marine Safety (Temporary operations)

You may be able to operate temporarily without a certificate of survey, certificate of operation or load line certificate.

Some examples of temporary operations include:

  • when moving the vessel to enable the building, disposing of, fitting out, relocating, removing, repair of the vessel or for the purpose of obtaining a certificate
  • new vessels undergoing the sea-trial phase of commissioning*
  • owners wishing to operate a vessel after initial survey has been successfully completed, but before the certificate of survey has been issued
  • vessels operating while minor non-conformances are being rectified after periodic survey (except renewal survey)*
  • when an owner is waiting on us to decide on an application for renewal of a certificate *
  • vessels operating temporarily outside the scope of their certificate
  • other limited circumstances approved by us.

An accredited marine surveyor or recognised organisation may approve temporary operations in the situations marked with an asterisk (*) above. 

In other situations, you can apply to us for Exemption 7 by completing an Exemption application for temporary operations form 777.

Please note below two versions of Exemption 7:

Last updated: 22 June 2018
Last reviewed: 22 June 2018