Scenario 1: New build

If you're bringing a vessel that is overseas to Australia and it’s a new build, you’ll need to meet certain requirements. 


Requirements vary depending on how you plan to bring the vessel here. 

An Australian vessel operating in international waters is considered a regulated Australian vessel (RAV). It must comply with statutory certification requirements that apply to it under the Navigation Act 2012.

Plan approval stage 

RAVs must be built and maintained in class. Engage a recognised organisation (RO) at the plan approval stage to make sure your vessel meets class requirements.  

ROs are usually located near major ship building areas so you can access them easily. They will be familiar with customs and processes in the local ship yard which may make the build process easier.   

Notify us: Provide us with your vessel details well in advance so we can assist you.

How are you bringing your vessel to Australia?

Requirements: towed vessel

Vessels being towed to Australia need to meet these requirements.

If your vessel doesn’t meet these requirements now, work towards meeting them as soon as possible.

Operator of the vessel being towed: Provide us with your vessel details now so we can assist you.
Operator towing the vessel: Provide us with details of your intended voyage at least 7 days before departure. See Marine Order 31: Division 4 Notification Matters.

Requirements: deck cargo

Note: An Australian vessel being brought to Australia as deck cargo may not need registration or certification as a regulated Australian vessel (RAV). It depends on the delivery circumstances.  

Notify us: Provide us with your vessel details now so we can assist you.

Requirements: own power

Vessels being brought to Australia under their own power need to meet these requirements. 

Notify us: Provide us with your vessel details now so we can assist you.

Last updated: 

Tuesday 19 December 2023