The Australian Maritime Safety Act 1990 Cth outlines AMSA’s responsibility in keeping Australia’s seas safe and clean, and providing search and rescue services. All AMSA heritage sites are actively used for AMSA’s core business, the provision of maritime safety services. AMSA recognises it has responsibilities under the various Acts and that the upkeep of heritage assets in public ownership are important to the Australian community in general.

AMSA outsources the maintenance of its aids to navigation network, including heritage assets. Capital works are funded and delivered as required. Over the next three years, AMSA expects to budget approximately $12 million per year for maintenance and $7 million per year for capital works across its aids to navigation network.

AMSA is committed to identifying, protecting, conserving and preserving its cultural and natural heritage significance for current and future generations.

AMSA has set priorities for the management of the heritage it is responsible for. These are:

  • developing and reviewing Heritage Management Plans to guide the operation, modification and
  • maintenance of sites of Commonwealth heritage value;
  • maintaining the various aids to navigation within the guidelines of the Heritage Management Plans;
  • ensuring that significant portable artefacts are appropriately catalogued and cared for;
  • reviewing this AMSA Heritage Strategy every three years in accordance with statutory regulations;
  • assessing AMSA properties for possible Commonwealth heritage values;
  • maintaining and reviewing AMSA’s Heritage Register; and
  • monitoring performance