8.1 Government agencies

AMSA recognises that communication with other government agencies, on a national, state and regional level is crucial in maintaining and conserving heritage places. Ongoing consultations with federal agencies, such as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, are undertaken to assist in the management of places within their jurisdiction.

On-going consultation with the Heritage Branch of the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment assists in the heritage and environmental management of AMSA’s heritage places.

Often AMSA heritage property is leased from bodies such as local governments or state agencies. Ongoing consultation with these relevant parties assists with the maintenance of AMSA’s heritage places, and also in considering the intangible significance of a heritage place.

Consultation is undertaken by Asset Management and Preparedness.

8.2 Community and Indigenous stakeholders

AMSA recognises that the heritage sites it manages attract considerable interest from local communities, and community organisations who have an interest in heritage matters which can be paramount in the maintenance and preservation of the aids to navigation. When making decisions that have a significant impact on heritage assets, AMSA endeavours to undertake consultation with local communities. This involvement assists in determining the heritage significance of a place outside of its formally recognised values and can reveal previously unknown information on a heritage place.

Indigenous people are the primary source of information about their heritage. Active participation of Indigenous people in the identification, assessment and management is integral to the effective protection of Indigenous cultural heritage. AMSA seeks to consult the community, including Indigenous community representatives.

The Asset Management and Preparedness Team can be contacted by the general public via the following platforms:

  • Online at AMSA’s accessible public website
  • By email to AMSA’s Heritage address: Heritage@amsa.gov.au
  • By phone to AMSA’s customer service platform, AMSA Connect

When undertaking consultation for the preparation of its Heritage Management Plans, AMSA abides by the consultation requirements in the EPBC Act and ensures the draft plans are appropriately advertised for the specified period.

Community and Indigenous stakeholder consultation is undertaken by Asset Management and Preparedness.