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Maritime Labour Convention

In Australia, the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (the convention) has been implemented primarily through the Navigation Act 2012. Implementation is supported by domestic legislation including Marine Order 11 (Living and working conditions on vessels) 2015. 

The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) informs much of the Australian Seafarers’ Welfare Council (ASWC)’s work. ASWC aims to promote seafarer welfare issues and the services available in Australian ports for seafarers.

The MLC provides the basic requirements for seafarer’s welfare in the areas of: wages, hours of rest, accommodation, recreational facilities, food and water, medical care on board ships, health and safety, accident prevention, repatriation, and employment agreements.

For more about the Maritime Labour Convention refer to AMSA's Maritime Labour Convention Guidance.  

Maritime Labour Convention
MLC complaints and incidents
  • All ships are to have an on-board complaints system, allowing seafarers the opportunity to make a complaint without recourse or concern.
  • All seafarers must be provided a copy of the on-board complaint procedures, in the working language of the ship.
  • Seafarers are able to complain directly to the ships master or an external authority without victimisation.
  • Seafarers always retain the right to make complaints directly to AMSA or any other organisation directly involved in the welfare of seafarers.
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We will treat the source of any advice, grievance or complaint alleging a statutory violation, danger or deficiency about the conditions onboard as confidential.