The Shipping Consultative Forum (the Forum) provides advice to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) on the broad strategic challenges facing international shipping industry consistent with Australian government policy and national interest priorities.

Role and responsibilities of the Forum

This Forum has been established to provide AMSA with advice on the strategic priorities set against  each  of  the  four  themes  that  will  challenge  AMSA  and  the  maritime  industry  in  the medium to long-term: 


Regulation—keeping pace with technology, social expectation and use of data to inform change.


Environment—impacts of a changing climate, reduction in GHG emissions and changing energy sources.


Stakeholders—impact of COVID-19 on industry and the long term recovery.


Technology—improved connectivity and information exchange, increased use of automation.


The Forum, will consist primarily of peak bodies and industry associations with expertise and an interest in Australia’s international shipping sector and related maritime industries.

The Forum will comprise of a chair, secretariat, members, observers and guests. The roles and responsibilities of each of these parties is set out in the charter.


The  chair  of  the  Forum  is  AMSA’s  Chief  Executive  Officer.  The  chair  may  nominate  an alternate to cover absences or conflicting priorities of the regulator.


The secretariat will be provided by AMSA. 

  • The Forum is responsible for providing advice to AMSA on matters facing international shipping under AMSA’s legislative powers
  • The Forum is advisory only and not a decision-making body
  • Advice provided will be considered and used to inform policy on international standards and maritime initiatives in line with Australian government policy and national interest priorities. 


AMSA will appoint members at its discretion for a fixed-term of two years.

Members are appointed for their expertise and ability to represent the wider interests of their stakeholder group and are bound by the terms of reference and the charter.

If members are unable to attend a meeting, they may nominate a suitable proxy at the approval of the chair.

Members may opt to resign from the Forum at any time or may be released from their appointment at the discretion of AMSA’s Chief Executive Officer.

Members are required to book and pay for all travel and associated costs to participate in the Forum.

AMSA will meet all venue and Forum costs.

Members consent to the public disclosure of their appointment as a Forum member, and to the publication of a photograph, basic biographical details along with an overview of their organisation.

Members will not disclose information provided to them in the course of participation in the Forum, without the express consent of the chair.


Where it is beneficial to the work of the Forum, the chair may invite:

  • representatives from organisations such as federal, state or territory government agencies; or
  • representatives from other AMSA stakeholder committees.


The chair may invite subject matter experts and/or guest speakers to a meeting as required to inform the work of the Forum.

Respecting AMSA’s values
Members will agree to respect AMSA’s core values at all times during their engagement in the Forum


You are expected to be fully engaged with the work so that the Forum can deliver quality outcomes. You will act with integrity, treat others with respect and courtesy.


You will value the opinions of others and work effectively with members to achieve the Forums objectives. Through your own behaviours, you will help your members recognise the benefit of working with others, and that seeking out a range of different views/feedback can lead to better overall outcomes.


You are committed to the strategic goals of the Forum and will put in the effort required and encourage your fellow members to do the same.


You will take responsibility for your actions and behaviours. You will work towards achieving the strategic goals of the Forum in a responsible, efficient and effective manner.

Meeting arrangements and reporting

Meetings will be held twice a year by virtual means, with an option to attend in person once a year.

Following each meeting, the secretariat will prepare the outputs listed below for final endorsement by the chair:

  • meeting minutes; and
  • a public communique.

The Terms of Reference and effectiveness of the Forum will be reviewed every two years and the timing will correspond with the review of the Forum composition.

Further information is provided in the accompanying charter.