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The performance of Recognised Organisations (RO) in 2021, including inspections, deficiency rates, detention rates and the percentage of the detainable deficiencies that were allocated RO responsibility are recorded in Table 16. The table shows a relatively small proportion of detainable deficiencies assigned to ROs. The average in RO-responsible detainable deficiencies considerably decreased to 3.2 per cent compared to 6.3 per cent in 2020.

Table 16 – Performance of Recognised Organisations

Recognised OrganisationPSC
DeficienciesDetentionsDetention rateDetainable
responsible detainable deficiencies
responsible as share
of all detainable deficiencies
       American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)384643184.7%2200
Bureau Veritas (BV)267743259.4%3126.5%
China Classification
Society (CCS)
CR Classification
Society (CCRS)
Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS)386225.3%300
DNV (formerly DNVGL)*5721,219305.2%3700
Korean Register of Shipping (KRS)1013341211.9%2528.0%
Lloyd's Register (LR)324692175.2%2700
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NKK)8562,031435.0%6134.9%
RINA Services SpA (RINA)6915222.9%200
Viet Nam Register (VR)11200.0%000
No class166516.3%300

* Note: the results for DNVGL and DNV have been merged after DNV changed their name.