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If you are an accredited surveyor, find the forms you will need while conducting and reporting on a survey or inspection.

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Terminology in survey forms

Our survey forms use a range of terms to describe different types of actions to verify a vessel, or part of a vessel’s compliance with applicable standards and law. These actions assist you to meet your general safety obligations under the national law.

LetterStands forDescription of typical activities carried out
DDimensional checkMeasurements are to be carried out to verify that the length, width, thickness, spacing etc. of the item(s) specified is in accordance with the approved plans and applicable standard.
EExamine / endorse recordA review of documentation (see record of item / specification also) is to be carried out to verify that the specified equipment or material is correctly certified in accordance with the applicable standard.
HHold and contact surveyorThe indicated person is to stop work at the specified point and request a surveyor to attend to inspect the item.
MMonitorThe specified person should maintain general oversight of the work being carried out to verify ongoing survey compliance. Note: Monitored items may not have specific survey criteria, however if incorrectly done may affect surveyable items. 
RRecord of item / specificationThe indicated person is to ensure that the specified item of equipment or material is provided with supporting documentation which shows that the manufacturing process, installation, servicing, etc. complies with the applicable standard or legislation.
TTest / trialThe indicated person is to verify, by testing or trailing, that the specified item complies with the requirements of the applicable standard that can be tested. Generally, tests / trials should be witnessed by an accredited surveyor.
VVisual inspectionA visual inspection is to be undertaken to verify that the item specified is of the correct type, quantity, form, arrangement, and / or has workmanship, as specified in accordance with the approved plans and any applicable standards or legislation.
WWitnessIndicates that the surveyor is to witness a test or trial being conducted by the builder or operator. (See test / trial). It is expected that the surveyor will verify that the test or trial has been conducted and was successful within any specified limits or criteria.

The builder section of an AMSA form may be signed off at any time the builder is satisfied with the work. This section of an AMSA form provides the builder a means to record their own checks before the surveyor arrives. This assists the builder by specifying inspection items up front and assists them in meeting their general safety obligation.

Inspections, monitoring, or witnessing may not be the only way to verify and document an outcome. For example it may be reasonable, once satisfied with a particular fabricators processes, to verify fuel tank compliance with photographic evidence and a statutory declaration from the fabricator.

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Last updated: 27 February 2020