Transfer of certificate for a domestic commercial vessel

What you need to do if you want to transfer a certificate or approval.

In certain circumstances, the current certificate holder may wish to transfer a certificate or approval to another person or organisation where the vessel is going to continue to be used as a domestic commercial vessel. This may be due to any number of circumstances including (but not limited to):

  • the vessel has been sold or gifted
  • the vessel will be operated by a different person or organisation than the current certificate holder
  • transfer due to deceased estates.

If any of the circumstances above arise, the current certificate holder is obliged to notify AMSA within 14 days of the change occurring.

There are some certificates and existing approvals that can be transferred to the new certificate holder, and some that cannot.

Certificates and approvals that can be transferred

The following types of certificate or approvals can be transferred using an application for change of certificate (or approval) holder for a vessel permission form 1780:

  • certificate of survey
  • load line certificate
  • class C restricted approval and/or
  • non-survey approval.

The vary form must include details of both the current and new certificate holders details. You will also need to supply supporting documentation about the transfer e.g. a deed of sale signed by the buyer and seller, statutory declaration etc.  

Certificates and approvals that cannot be transferred

A certificate of operation cannot be transferred.

If a vessel that is listed on a certificate of operation, the current operator (certificate holder) may need to:

The new operator can:

  • apply for a new certificate using the application for a certificate of operation form 504—if they:
    • do not have an existing certificate of operation or,
    • the vessel to be added is of a higher service category (class) and operation type to the vessel(s) already listed on their existing certificate; or
  • add the vessel to their existing certificate of operation by using the application to vary a certificate of operation form 504—if the vessel to be added has the same service category (class) and operation type as a vessel already listed on the certificate.

If the vessel will no longer be used as a domestic commercial vessel, the certificates or approval can all be revoked using the application to suspend or revoke a certificate or approval form 600.

A certificate or approval is not a document used to evidence legal ownership of the vessel.

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Monday 4 January 2021