Transfer, revoke or suspend certificates for a domestic commercial vessel

What you need to do if you want to transfer, suspend or revoke a certificate or approval.

Transfer a certificate or approval

You can transfer a domestic commercial vessel’s certificate or approval to a different owner or operator. This may happen when (for example):

  • you sell or give the vessel as a gift
  • someone other than the current certificate holder is going to operate the vessel
  • you transfer the vessel as part of a deceased estate.

You must notify us within 14 days if this occurs.

Note: certificates of survey or operation, and related exemptions do not provide evidence of: 

  • title or ownership of a vessel
  • an operator’s competence to operate a certain vessel. 

For evidence of title or ownership, register the vessel on the Australian General Shipping Register

To transfer certificates

Select the certificate or approval type to see the right transfer instructions.

Revoke a certificate

We can also revoke certificates or approvals. This may happen when:

  • you sell a vessel and the new operator does not intend to use the vessel as a domestic commercial vessel
  • you destroy a vessel or the vessel is no longer fit to operate
  • you intend to only operate the vessel for recreation.

Apply to revoke a certificate or approval using the AMSA form 600.

Suspend a certificate

You can apply to suspend a certificate if you do not intend to operate the vessel for a certain period. The suspension does not change the expiry date of the certificate.

We can suspend these certificates for up to 18 months:

  • certificate of survey
  • load line certificate
  • certificate of operation.

 Apply to suspend a certificate or approval using AMSA form 600.

When the suspension ends

You must complete any surveys you may have missed during the suspension period. You must complete these surveys before you restart operations. 

If you missed 2 surveys of the same type, you must complete one before you restart operations.

Selling vessels listed on the Australian General Shipping Register

Sellers of vessels on the register must provide buyers with:

  • bill of sale
  • the vessel’s original registration certificate.

Buyer’s must use these documents to:

Learn more about transferring ownership of an Australian General Register vessel.

Contact us

For help transferring, revoking or suspending certificates, contact AMSA Connect.

Last updated: 

Wednesday 28 February 2024