Levies, fees, and payments

You may need to pay a fee, levy or charge, depending on what action you need to do. Find out about our current levies, fees, and payment options.

The fees and levies we charge are calculated on a cost recovery basis, and in accordance with our relevant legislation.

Why we collect levies and fees

The funds raised covers ship and seafarer safety, navigation infrastructure, environmental protection, and marine services and ship registration.

Read our cost recovery implementation statement to find out more about how we charge fees and levies on a cost recovery basis.

Find out more about the proposed subsidised cost recovery levy for the national system. 

Domestic commercial vessel cost recovery

On 1 July 2018 a cost recovery levy for national system for domestic commercial vessel safety will come into effect. There will be no levy to pay during the first year however fees will apply. Find out more about the proposed subsidised cost recovery levy for the national system.

Liability calculator

Calculator for limits of liability

The calculator displays the limit of liability for oil pollution damage by oil-carrying ships.


Marine levy payment portal

Levy payment portal

You can make payments through our levy payment portal. Access the payment portal to pay your marine levies, fees or charges.

Marine levies

Marine navigation (regulatory functions) levy

This levy must be paid by all Australian and foreign vessels that call at Australian ports. It is used to fund the cost of safety activities.

Protection of the sea levy

This levy must be paid by any vessel with the potential to pollute the marine environment. It is used to fund the reponse to any environmental incidents.

Marine navigation levy

This levy must be paid by any vessel using our marine aids to navigation systems. With a 'user pays' principle, this levy is used to fund the provision of coastal marine aids for the navigation network.


Shipping registration fees

Shipping registration fees

You will need to pay application fees when you apply to register your vessel. Find out what fees you will need to pay and how to pay them.

Qualification fees

Schedule of charges

When applying for a certificate – or ticket – you may need to pay an application fee. These fees will depend on the qualification you are applying for.

Surveyor Accreditation Scheme fees

Fee for services

Under the Surveyor Accreditation Scheme, we have a fee for service arrangements to recover the costs of delivery. Fees apply for delivery of the following services:

  • Accreditation of marine surveyors
  • Assessment of applications for specific exemptions for surveyors
  • Assessment of applications for equivalent means of compliance for surveyors
Last updated: 14 February 2018
Last reviewed: 14 February 2018