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Where we are now..

AMSA operates within a traditionally male dominated industry where sector norms created limited opportunity for women to enter or be promoted. There are processes for job design, job scoring and strategic workforce planning, but these processes have not been reviewed for their specific impact on gender equity as yet.. We see an opportunity to influence/modernise the industry with job designs including gender neutral titles and competency-based descriptions. We also must challenge existing misconceptions of affirmative mechanisms, such as gender targets, and low knowledge of the benefits and value for what these measures could bring to the entire team.

What are our objectives

ObjectivesKey results
2.1 By December 2022, AMSA has in place a process for the regular review of job design that promotes an inclusive and contemporary workforce design
  • Changed perception in annual employee engagement survey of reduced gender bias and increased diversity within AMSA
  • Greater proportion of diverse and underrepresented gender cohorts in applicant pools
  • Applicants for PMS/SARO positions. Female: 7%, Male: 93%
  • Applicants who are Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander – 1%
  • Applicants who have a disability – 2%
  • ESL applicants – 18%
2.2 By December 2022, AMSA has involved external views on job and workforce design to ensure removal of gender bias and gendered language
  • No gender biased language used throughout job and workforce design, including gender coded language.

How we will deliver change:

  • Job descriptions will be assessed by independent reviewer (possibly external)
  • Policy design and approach for flexible work arrangement available for roles
  • Application of competency based selection criteria frameworks and templates
  • Integrating the business case for diversity and gender equity into strategic workforce planning

Measures of progress

Evidence that all staff understand the flexible working arrangements available to them

Flexible working policy reflects Australian Public Service best practice

Increased perception by staff that AMSA is an inclusive and positive place to work

Improvement of gender composition at various levels of recruitment pools