Where we are now:

Most AMSA staff were unable to say if AMSA leaders are taking a sector wide leadership role on gender equity. Many were also unable to say if AMSA leaders demonstrate regular commitment to gender equity.

More broadly, there is little visible leadership and awareness across the maritime sector in addressing gender inequity. The maritime sector is behind the whole of industry average PDF1.56 MB for growth in women in leadership roles and for recruitment of women more generally. Many other industries in the public and private sectors have already taken visible action to promote gender equity and have achieved gender equity in senior leadership roles. To create active leadership, we must build a fundamental understanding of gender equity concepts and communicate our actions and outcomes.

What are our objectives


Key results

5.1 By July 2022, AMSA actively and regularly engages with industry on gender equity, with shared initiatives and sector wide collaboration

• By July 2022 AMSA has an internally agreed approach for engaging with instances of gender-based discrimination and issues

• By July 2022 AMSA reviews and updates its values to reflect Gender Equality

• AMSA shares awareness of the impact of gender equality with industry and moves towards continual improvement

5.2 By July 2022, AMSA demonstrates leadership and is available as a source of information and expertise in gender equity

• By July 2022, AMSA has developed one or more shared gender equality initiatives with an industry group

• AMSA provides forums for industry groups to actively question gender equity within their own field

How we will deliver change:

  • Industry engagement on improving access and conditions for women in the maritime sector and gender equity. For example, by including gender equity and diversity in the terms of reference for our domestic consultation committees
  • Encourage partner agencies and industry bodies to develop GEAPs and sharing AMSA’s experiences
  • Partnering on and/or leading collaborative actions at an industry-influencing level
  • Continuing to champion gender and diversity initiatives internationally, including at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Asia-Pacific Heads of Maritime Safety Agencies (APHoMSA), as well as in our technical cooperation programs with regional maritime partners.
  • Maintaining digital outreach on diversity and equality on our external website and social media pages, providing a platform to raise the profile of diverse leaders and emerging talent in the maritime community. Ensuring that our external messaging reflects the diverse range of initiatives taking place within AMSA and across the domestic and global maritime industry to promote gender equity
  • Speaking about and supporting diversity and equity publicly and often at all levels

Measures of progress

Staff recognition of leaders for creating an inclusive workplace and value diverse perspectives in their decision-making

Evidence of dialogue and industry engagement on gender equity issues and initiatives in the maritime industry

Leaders are sharing information about gender equity progress within AMSA, the maritime industry and community

Learnings about AMSA’s action plans are shared with industry and community