Where we are now..

Limitations of (gender-neutral) career mobility contributes to gender inequity through organisational gender pay gaps and limited opportunities for women at senior roles. At AMSA, we have identified that promotion for women are more disadvantaged through limitations associated with location, specific areas or limited roles available to increase mobility into more technical jobs. We face challenges with preexisting stereotypes or unconscious biases that effect fair, equitable practices and internal processes. AMSA ratios are as follows: Executive – 2 females of 6 total, Senior Managers – 4 females of 28 total and Employees – 175 females of 403 total.

What are our objectives

ObjectivesKey results
3.1 By December 2023, all staff see a career pathway for themselves at AMSA that caters to diverse needs, and attracts and retains the future workforce AMSA needs
  • Greater staff satisfaction, motivation and sense of belonging
  • Higher attraction and retention proportion
  • Greater upwards mobility
  • Transparency and certainty of job future for staff through changes in culture, policies, and recruitment processes
3.2 By December 2023, AMSA has purposefully created opportunity for a broader and more gender diverse talent pool to come through, resulting in a diverse leadership cohort
  • Greater proportion of diverse and underrepresented gender cohorts in talent pools
  • Greater diversity in leadership cohort and across organisation
  • Increased engagement with AMSA

How we will deliver change:

  • Investment in traineeships that actively identifies and supports women to transition into senior and/or technical roles
  • Provide access to formal mentoring relationships
  • Policy design and approach for flexible work arrangement available for roles
  • Promotion of secondment opportunities in the broader APS
  • Identify and promote pathways for job families/departments

Measures of progress

Improvement of gender composition year-onyear at various levels of recruitment pools

Evidence of compliance with the Workplace Gender Equality Act

Relevant AMSA policies including recruitment and promotion processes reflect gender equity objectives

Increased gender balance in leadership and training opportunities