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Where we are now and where do we need to be...

How we act on concerns raised about gender inequity is not transparent and does not build confidence that AMSA leadership see gender equity as a priority. The means by which gender equity issues can be reported and resolved are not clear and there is no visibility of consequences for behaviours that reinforce gender inequity. Gender equity requires that senior leaders and people managers accept responsibility as part of their roles. We need to develop greater understanding and competency across all levels and increased visibility on the consequences for inappropriate behaviours.

Our objectives and key results

ObjectivesKey results
6.1 By January 2023, Senior leaders and people managers have increased awareness and engagement on gender equity across AMSA
  • Senior leaders and people managers develop a greater awareness of gender equity issues in AMSA and more broadly across society
  • By October 2022 unconscious bias training completed by all Senior leaders and people managers
  • Clear guidelines on appropriate behaviour and role modelling specific to gender equity published by January 2023
  • Increased engagement on gender equity in the workplace and effective support for staff experiencing gender equity issues
6.2 By December 2023, Senior leaders and people managers have embedded actions to drive gender equity
  • By December 2022 gender equity is embedded in the business planning and reporting cycle and supporting guidelines
  • By July 2023 Senior leaders and people managers have embedded gender equity actions into business plans
  • By December 2023 each Division can demonstrate at least one completed initiative to address a specific gender equity issue
  • Employees experience a more inclusive workspace where issues (positive and negative) regarding gender and diversity are being heard

How we will deliver change:

  • Increased focus to ensure senior leaders and people managers' performance evaluations include gender equity accountability.
  • Training for senior leaders and people managers in gender equity principles in the workplace and specific application to AMSA, including unconscious bias and dispute resolution.
  • Senior leaders and people managers will proactively discuss gender equity with their teams and model gender equitable behaviour as the norm
  • Senior leaders and people managers will implement specified gender equity initiatives from Divisional planning and elsewhere
  • Senior leaders and people managers will proactively address gender equity issues in the workplace and engage with and resolve gender equity disputes and concerns

Measures of progress

Majority of staff are involved inclusive leadership training and education

Staff recognition of leaders for creating an inclusive workplace and value diverse perspectives in their decision-making

Specific issues and solutions are being taken to progress AMSA as an inclusive and positive workplace