Where we are now..

Our 2021 Gender Survey showed differences between men and women and how they experienced gender norms in the workplace. Gender norms were experienced through not feeling heard and instances of gender-based slurs. To develop a more inclusive culture, we must become more aware of our working environment and its power imbalances – we identified everyday language as a contributor to gender norms along with a lack of data available to demonstrate inequalities or challenge opinions. Flexible work arrangements were not experienced in the same way for men and women at AMSA. Women experience disadvantage with a lack of access of flexible work arrangements, particularly as they progress to more senior roles.

What are our objectives

ObjectivesKey results
4.1 By July 2023, flexibility is embedded in AMSA’s workplace culture so that all staff have equitable access to flexible working arrangements that meet their diverse needs
  • Increased staff engagement and job satisfaction
  • Broader definition of flexibility and flexible working arrangements to cater to diverse needs, across genders
  • Increased participation in AMSA's work by those with carer's roles
4.2 By July 2023, inclusive and flexible working arrangements are embedded in AMSA’s Employee Value Proposition, allowing for attraction and retention of a diverse cohort
  • Increased staff engagement and job satisfaction
  • Higher attraction and retention proportion

How we will deliver change:

  • Open transparent and equitable recruitment – including removing identifiers in application forms
  • More options for offering roles as FT, PT or job share work as normal practice
  • Ensure an impartial member continues to be included from another area if a recruitment panel will be gender heavy one way
  • Talent management explicitly identifies and develops high potential employees, under-represented in AMSA’s senior and/or technical roles

Measures of progress

Relevant AMSA policies including recruitment and promotion processes reflect gender equity objectives

Compliance of flexible working policy to reflect

Australian Public Service best practice

Evidence that all staff understand the flexible working arrangements available to them

Evidence that staff are able to take up flexible working arrangement as needed