Where we are now..

Our 2021 Gender Survey provided clear insights that there is a difference in how different genders at AMSA view zero-tolerance. What constitutes harassment is not consistently understood and there are barriers to raising concerns including impartial and supportive channels and the widespread availability of psychological safety. To build a more supportive environment, we need open constructive dialogue in addressing the fears that people have in the workplace when raising concerns and the active management support in addressing any shortcomings.

Our objectives and key results

ObjectivesKey results
7.1 By December 2022, there is a review and improvement of the reporting process for gender-based concerns raised, including data/statistics analysis and visibility
  • Review of current reporting and statistics
  • Next staff survey includes more targeted questions
  • Within the next 6 months, manager dashboard to include numbers across the board relating to gender equality measures
7.2 By June 2023, all staff are aware of the support available for gender-based concerns and how to access these services
  • Within next 6 months there is an Internal Communications Article/ HR Bulletin to include an item of where to find information on support available
  • Managers support and promote awareness of initiatives and new processes
7.3 By December 2023, there is a psychologically safe culture for reporting
  • This could be signalled by an initial increase in reports/ concerns raised because our staff feel more comfortable reporting
  • Feedback from staff about workplace culture
  • Decreased absenteeism

How we will deliver change:

  • Review our incident and compliant reporting data and identify trends
  • Deliver education, information and training on reporting processes
  • Review the process for feedback regarding what action is taken when complaints are raised
  • Implement initiatives to publish outcomes of action taken to address incidents
  • Continue to ensure our Pulse Survey results include GE and reporting

Measures of progress

Evidence that staff have participated in prevention training for gender-based harassment and discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying

Increased staff perception of psychological safe culture for reporting