National Law Act exemptions for marine orders

We follow national law, regulations, marine orders, and exemptions to implement the national system.

Exemptions from parts of the national law are provided where one of the following apply:

  • it is unreasonable to require full compliance
  • where transitional arrangements are required.

General exemptions are provided to a class of people or vessels, such as heritage vessels or traditional operators. Some general exemptions require an application to be made before the exemption can be accessed, whilst others are available ‘as of right’.

Specific exemptions may be available where required for a specific person or vessel, and an application will generally be required in these instances.

For further information, see our policy on exemptions from the domestic commercial vessel national law.

Index of national law exemptions

Exemption number Title
1 Marine Safety (Vessel identifiers) Exemption

Marine Safety (Certificates of survey) Exemption

3 Marine Safety (Certificates of operation) Exemption
4 Marine Safety (Recreational use) Exemption
6 Marine Safety (Periodic survey, equipment certification and compass adjustment) Exemption
7 Marine Safety (Temporary operations) Exemption

Marine Safety (Temporary crewing) Exemption


Marine Safety (Bareboats) Exemption


Marine Safety (Emergency services vessels) Exemption


Marine safety (NSCV Parts E and F) Exemption

29 Marine Safety (Recording activities) Exemption
39 Marine Safety (Life jacket lights) Exemption

Marine Safety (Class C restricted operations) Exemption

and schedules listed below:

Exemption 40 (Operational Area) Determination

Additional maps are available for Tasmania that depict both the C restricted areas as well as sheltered water limits:


Marine Safety (Unpowered barges) Exemption

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